Something Else

The new collection from Something Else has just arrived! Yipeeeeeeee - one of my personal favourites! (for the price as much as the beauty of it). As always, the range is characterised by intricate graphic prints, but this time around the palette is comprised of vibrant blues, purples and pinks. The tribal bent is still very apparent, but it has morphed into a mystical, fantastical, more feminine version of previous collections. Its like the prettier younger sister has suddenly grown up into herself :) you really can get lost in the patterns on the melting marbles tank, or the dark woods dress. Interesting yet flattering cuts are becoming somewhat of a forte for Something Else. The formless shapes of the cutaway tee or the psych hex dress is beautifully balanced by the cut out shoulders, creating a femininity to the oversized fashion which has dominated over the past couple of seasons. More basic pieces such as the Drape Collar Jacket or Double Layer Dress are simply stunning merely for the shape  of the garments, while the patterned pieces would all make exquisite feature pieces in anyones wardrobe. Put simply; this collection has it all. There is honestly something for everyone in it. They certainly know what they're doing at Something Else!

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