I'm in love! I tend to claim this quite regularly; every time a pretty new dress or a gorgeous pair of heels arrive in at either of my two retail jobs i announce to my fellow staff members that it is meant to be and that my savings do not matter. However, this time I really mean it. Its love. As soon as I tried on the 'Midnight In Her Eyes' dress my determination to save my pennies for something sensible dissolved, when i put on the 'Teardrop Dress' the very word 'savings' ceased to exist. These dresses are SO beautiful; so much more gorgeous than i ever could have imagined from the pictures. They are instantly recognisable as items that have been created with so much care and thought and well, artistry. They are dresses whose price reflects their beauty, not their label. The collection is a fusion of grecian (i.e. the rope detailing and shape of the 'midnight in her eyes' dress) and the futuristic. (i.e. the gorgeous blue print featured in items such as the 'without wings' top, or the strong structures of the famous 'never think' dress) The cuts are exquisite; long at the back, short at the front, and oh so flattering. The detailing around the neckline and back of every single item is simply gorgeous. My boss brought my attention to something very remarkable about 'Uscari' the other day; most dresses have a nice back OR a nice front, these dresses have both. This is the first season I have come into contact with Uscari, and to say i'm impressed would be an understatement; I want every single one of them as my very own, and I reckon you will too!

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