Stock from 'Tonight' just arrived... This collection is comprised of cute summer dresses, which are wearable, affordable and individual. The palette is a mix of pastels and brights in feminine tones of pink and blue. What is most lovely about the range, however, is the shapes. The cut of each and every dress is nigh on exquisite. the 'straight no chaser dress' creates the look that the wearer has been wrapped up in metres fabric, and the torquoise colour is gorgeous; extremely flattering on most complexions. the 'high life' dress a very feminine peach colour, which contrasts with the structured, variation of a one shoulder cut. The 'unseen rain' dress is has more baby blue tones in it than the picture depicts. the fabric is heavier, accentuating the wrapped feel which is present in the 'straigh no chaser' dress, and having the shoulders out is always gorgeously flattering. The 'Sweet Wing Dress' is one of my favourites, reminiscent of a japanese kimono or kaftan, it can easily be dressed up or down, and the pattern is lovely. All in all, Tonight's collection this season is great; perfect little summer party dresses.

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