Ksubi <3

Ksubi are renown for their jeans, and they certainly do them well, but if you're a meagre 5'3 like me, jeans don't always cut it (i.e. my short little legs look like a dwarfs...). Thankfully, it is the other stuff I am most pleasantly impressed with when it comes to Ksubi; their shorts, tees, jackets and other stuff is really impressive this season! For example, the 'Bob Blue Albuquerque Cut Off' are a gorgeous little pair of staple shorts. They're the super-flattering ones you would wear to death; to the beach, to festivals, even with a pair of stockings underneath on the chillier days. Another example is the 'Twisted Choke Dress', ahhhhhh! the perfect little black dress! Simple, yet with just the right amount of detail so it can be dressed up or down. And it is amazingly sexy to boot! As are the little leather shorts... Sexiness is certainly one of the main things this range from 'Ksubi' has going for it. Even the 'Slash Circle Tee' has that effortlessly sexy appeal to it. And for the guys the 'Biggy Jacket' is a great individual piece. As is the 'Rat Tee' or 'I Was Alive Tee' which features text that looks like it has been spray painted on. The collection has the appeal of looking like it was altered personally to make it ones own. That all said, their range of jeans is, as always, fabulous. Pairs such as the 'Fade Super Skinny Zip' are a gorgeous alternative which have a bit of flair but are still wearable to say your more staple pair such as the 'Tight Arse Indigo Super Skinny'. And for the guys there is the 'Hayday Mayday Birdman' jeans, which are almost chino-like in style. All in all, i can understand why Ksubi have stood the test of time.

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