We Are Handsome

I have never come into contact with 'We Are Handsome' before, but as soon as I saw the look book a couple of months ago I knew they were something special. The three gorgeous bodysuits/swimsuits arrived today, and they are simply exquisite. The print on each of them is absolutely stunning, they are graphically printed, and the detail this technique provides is gorgeous. The designs are also very different from one another, often designers work on one print and feature it through an entire range, where-as with this little collection from 'We Are Handsome' each item is characterised by its own unique, detailed, resolved print. Fantatic poolside or at the beach as swimwear, but add a pair of shorts, pants or a cute little skirt and instant street cred to take you from day to night! They are the sort of item which will always be one of those special things in your wardrobe.

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