SGC 'Heavy Petal'

When I first skimmed through the look book for Stolen Girlfriends Club's second summer, I seriously got goosebumps. What a beautiful collection, and what a fitting name for it; 'heavy petal'. It more than adequately describes the lavish, petal-like sheer silks which overlay or intersect almost every garment in this collection. The palette is comprised of simplistic black and clean white, with a feature colour in a pastel coral; the soft fleshy tone seems to be everywhere this season and is beautifully feminine while maintaining a high fashion edge. This colour is best utilised in garments such as 'The Babydoll Organza Dress' and 'The Organza Suit Short', both of which I have already got on pre-order for myself :). Another one of my favourites in this collection is 'The Zig Zag Dress'; it holds that lovely balance of femininity and edginess that i mentioned before, the soft translucent mesh around the shoulders contrasts exquisitely with the zig zagging of the heavier fabric, it is one of those dresses one would wear to death. As is 'The See-Through Shirt' for the boys. It is dressy enough to wear to cocktail dress functions or even weddings, yet still utterly wearable with jeans or shorts, especially in the white. Note: the collection is currently available for pre-order online, and is due to arrive in store in the next couple of days :o) <3 It is safe to say that Stolen Girlfriends Club are very quickly pushing their way into the top spots in my list of favourite designers.

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