My Pitbull Mansion Top 10 Crushes

I often joke that it is difficult for me to come to work; the lure of buying beautiful things is unrelenting. I tend to develop serious crushes on clothing items and lust after them all day long. I hate to admit it but sometimes I actually cannot sleep and have to get up to write a list of beautiful things I want to buy!!! I have prepared one such list for you (in no particular order), my beautiful blog readers, in the hope that you too can share in my passion... 1. Stolen Girlfriends Club "Organza Suit Short". What a gorgeous pair of shorts! The silk overlay is soooo nice; it gives these suit shorts (which I have seen dozens of pairs of this season...) an individual flair. The colour is a true peach tone; not the semi-sickly flesh colour that some designers have opted for this season. The cut also, is very flattering. I have actually had these shorts of pre-order for the last few months, and am so glad they have finally arrived! 2. My second crush is "The Summer Lake Silk Singlet" by Limedrop. In a past post about Limedrop I spoke of their ability to emblazon garments with pieces of art. This top is a prime example; the print is exquisite. And so much better in real life than in the pics. The cut is simple and show cases the print perfectly. 3. "The databank telememo watch". Put simply, its a calculator watch, and it is awesome. It says on the website its a mens watch; i refute this allegation! There is nothing like a tinsy little girly wrist with a gigantic bling watch on it. We also have it in gold at the moment, which i think suits it perfectly. Casio watches keep getting better and better. 4. My fourth lover in store at the moment is a bit of a sad story... Uscari's "Midnight in Her Eyes Dress". I fell head over heels for this exquisite dress the second it arrived in store, however deliberated too long over its purchase and my workmate snuck in and stole it! Simultaneously breaking my heart! It is a really, really beautiful dress. The uneven hem is so flattering, as is the shape, the colour, the rope detailing... ahhhhhhhhh..! 5. "The Silver Skull Black Vessel Candle" by DL&Co. I find it hard to pick between this one and "The Skull Candle". But for me it comes down to two things... firstly, I would NEVER be able to burn the latter of the two; it is far too beautiful to be burnt. And secondly, the smell of the silver skull candle is to die for. The collection from DL&Co is amazing; really beautiful, individual stuff. 6. Now it has come to pass that I now have the ability to fall in love with boys clothes too... I have a number of lovely lads in my life whom I enjoy dressing quite a lot. Thus, the next few items on my list are boys clothes... The first of which is BNWR 'rain tee'. I just love the graphic, and the washed black also. Its a very wearable tee; goes with any colour jeans and also looks great with chino's. 7. Ksubi's 'Chainsaw Shorts'. These are available in store only, but they are really, really nice shorts. Cut off just above the knee, the light wash is a gorgeous colour, and lighter than most that are around this season. Ksubi's stuff this season really is to die for. 8. Beat Poet's exquisite black and silver rosary necklaces/bracelets <3  i love necklaces, and find it quite difficult to find mid-priced necklaces that i LOVE, but these are perfect. Featuring jet and sterling silver, they could complete so many of my outfits... 9. The three swimsuits we have from We Are Handsome are all so gorgeous, but my unopposed favourite is "The Arabia Bodysuit". The colour of the sky is what makes it just that little bit more special. 10. And last but least I am in love with Story By Tang Ode To McQueen blazer. This is a masterpiece with a mix of classic styling and unique detailing with the shoulder embellishments and cut outs on the back. The lines are simply perfect and the silk cotton blend is divine.

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