Friday Bliss

It’s Friday! There’s no need to get overly excited about it - thank you Rebecca Black- but it’s enough to warrant a small smile and a contented sigh. It’s an especially fine Friday for me, as I’ll be spending my weekend in Melbourne, soaking up as much of their fashion and street culture as I can in order to bring a little bit back to the Pitbull Mansion Blog. Meanwhile back at the Mansion we have some very exciting new arrivals! We are in Low Luv x Erin Wasson heaven with new pieces such as the 14ct yellow gold plated Skeleton Thunderbird Necklace and the Evil Eye Dome Ring, which is available in 14ct yellow gold plated and silver plated. Go to our online store or come and visit us in store to see more new arrivals and a whole lot of bangin' clothes, shoes and accessories! X

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