Knit Me Baby One More Time

If our products at the mansion are anything to go by everyone should go out right now and buy themselves a knit jumper, dress or cardie... or just go online and shop right from your sofa. Knits are massive this season and at Pitbull we have them a-plenty! All I know is that my grandma would be very proud. One that I’m particularly in love with is the Cross Stitch Sweater from Something Else, just looking at it evokes images of hot cocoa, log fires and rain pitter pattering on the window outside- it’s Winter heaven! The Jenna Crocheted Sweater by Motel is also a hit, perfect worn over a black bra or bustier or even layered with a long sleeved tee underneath. As for the boys Vanishing Elephant has given us some dream worthy sweaters this season which look great with chinos or jeans. My favourite is the Tiffin Jumper in Oatmeal, it looks like comfort in stripes. And from Beat Poet is the Contrast Pullover. A loose knit with a dark bottom and light top, it’s very cool. Also I’ve got to apologise for the Britney reference in the title, I couldn’t resist! I hope everyone is having a great week. X

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