Boys Time

Pitbull Mansion have thrown some new bloggers in the mix. Hopefully we will have a lot more regular posts in and around the mansion in the next few weeks coming from new and not as new employees Dallan and myself and  and i hope you all enjoy. I'm hoping to give the Pitbull Mansion Blog a bit of male influence in my posts and look at current and new coming stock, season picks from all our labels and whatever else i find on my mind in the comfort of the Pitbull Mansion. First things first here we go. It's winter which means rugging up... whether your going out, hanging about or pretty much anything else it means layering up. Personally i am a sucker for plain t-shirts. They go with anything and with so many different styles about are perfect for any occasion. Under a coat, leather or denim jacket, cardigan and even under a shirt they are cool and versatile. We have so many different types and all can be worn year  round. I thought for my first post i would show you all a few that might interest you and get a plain t-shirt on your back tomorrow. A new favourite of mine just that's only just available for pre order is the Stolen Girlfriends Club Shirt Tee. A plain white tee with a twist, buttons from the top like a henley style t-shirt to the bottom like a button up shirt. Summer or winter it's your choice. Another on the racks at Pitbull Mansion are the Dr Denim Sid Tees in White or Vintage Black. Plain and perfect. Last but not Least Black Noise White Rain have a great mix of plain tees in a few different styles, Fist there is the White Rain Wide Neck Tee. This style has the bottom, the sleeves and the neck all bound with a great fit and scooped neck. Otherwise you can opt for the Black Noise White Rain wide neck tee but with raw edges as apposed to bound. Currently available in White or Grey. You can view our full range of mens tees here. Hope your all inspired to get a bit more plain and i will see you next week, same time same place. Josh.

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