new bestfriend.

As the newest member of the Pitbull Mansion team i thought i would write my first ever blog about something else that is new to me... Jeans! I recently bought my first pair of proper jeans in my adult life. I always thought of jeans to be uncomfortable and restricting... turns out i was wrong. In my first few weeks at the mansion i tried on and instantly bought a pair of the Dr Denim Kissy Tights and to be honest they changed the way i dress. I choose to wear them instead of stockings!!! This opened my eyes up to other styles. Last week i had one of those days where none of my clothes felt right and i all i wanted was something new. I came in to work a little early and bought the Dr Denim Arlene High-wasted Jeans in black (they come in retro blue as well) and it was one of the most comfortable days at work yet! My favorite things to wear them with are things from the mansion too! My two pairs of jeans are by far my favorite new addition to my wardrobe for winter! At this point in time i am convinced that i love jeans but more than that i love Dr Denim. So log on to our website to see what we have (we have guys too!!) or come in and say hey and try some on! Remember in coming weeks we will have lots of new and exciting stock arriving! Also check out our website for pre-orders on amazing STOLEN GIRLFRIENDS CLUB, MAY, WE ARE HANDSOME and FRIEND OF MINE! I hope you are warm, wherever you may be! Dallan x

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