Burning Bridges

At the Mansion we have not only got a lot of women's jewellery  but always maintain a healthy dose of mens/unisex jewellery too. Burn Bridges is a favourite of mine and  is currently at 30-50% off. It isn't over the top, cheap or tacky looking men's rings found in your local jewellery store, its clean, cool and on trend. All of the following styles down to only $99.95, here are some favourites.

Above, the Burn Bridges Vaux Ring. Made of blackened silver and onyx is effortlessly cool. Unlike women's trends of hands filled with jewellery i like these paired with just something chill, another small subtle ring on another finger not stealing any of this bad boys style.

Above is the Isidore Ring in blackened silver, the metal has a scratched appearance. Another statement piece for men or woman and like all the pieces just easy and cool. It was recently featured in our Pitbull Mansion Winter Magazine shot with a bit of 50's diner theme.

Similar to the Isidore Ring is the Capulet Ring, same deal but with a bonus bad ass cross in the middle of the ring. Wear it upright or flip it over upside down to mix it up. They are all sweet and i wish i could have them all but that is the same feeling you get every time you walk in here or browse the online store, winning the lottery would solve so many problems. Hopefully i kept you interested and till next time check out the Burn Bridges range. Josh.

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