Splish Splash

We Are Handsome are one label that never fails. The animal and landscape prints are gorgeous and with each being available in different styles there is no doubt that you wont be able to find one that you will love. Each suit is made of quality  thick material (none of that cheap see through stuff!!) and are versatile. They are all designed so they can be warn as bodysuits  (as well as swimwear!) weather its under a pair of shorts or skirt for summer or with your jeans and a jacket for the colder nights. I know you will fall in love with them, as have Rhianna, Tyra Banks and Florence Welch. If you’re not up for wearing your bathers during the day and just love the amazing prints you can buy dresses in the same cool fabric. Check out our online store for our collection and be sure to hurry, as they are popular!! Cheers, Dallan xx

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