Skull Obsession

We have stocked Dl & Co for a while and i remember the candles we used to have that were all super cool, but the latest stock we just got in is no doubt amazing. My favourites that I had to share with you all are these two skull candles. A few weeks back i stayed with some friends in Melbourne and they had a black velvet skull that was also a piggy bank. It was placed in the middle of their coffee table along with other bits and pieces and it looked amazing, i wanted to take it home so much then on my first shift back i saw this large black skull candle and i think i now need to take this home. Truth be told i'm still living at home so it would be one for my bedroom but it is  sweet. I also recently bought the Selby Is In Your Place book also available at Pitbull Mansion and I think seing all the insane dream houses and apartments and what they all have inside their luxurious houses gave a little inspiration to my want for this skull. A few other bits and pieces that came in with the DL & Co collection was this second smaller silver skull candle. Both candles are both really nice and Dl & Co are known for their high quality but still I could never Burn them. I just want to  keep it in my house forever. So most definately have a look at the DL & Co range available online and instore at Pitbull Mansion and keep them in mind as in no time it will leading up to Christmas and the gift buying will begin. Thanks again for reading, Josh.

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