So Stolen Girlfriends Club made an announcement, they will be releasing a new label for their menswear named 'Stolen'. I was and still a bit confused as I am unsure if it is second label like Chronicles of Never and other labels have done in the past or just a slight name change for the men.. New Zealand blogger from  'Show Us Your Stache' stated that Stolen Girlfriends Club menswear will now be called Stolen, that is all. Regardless of the outcome they have been quoted stating "We thought it was time to toughen up". I think everything they have produced can be considered tough so I'm sure what is to come will not disappoint. With the announcement these images were released shot by Steve King and they represent the label perfectly, it always had and by the sounds will continue to have a tough edge and i love it. So now we all wait in anticipation to see what happens and for now be sure to check out the new collection of Stolen Girlfriends Club fresh on the shelves of Pitbull Mansion. Josh.

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