Book Worms

A few items I thought most wouldn't really know about or have looked very far into is the collection of books we have been stocking at Pitbull Mansion. As it has just hit September and in no time Christmas will have been struck upon us yet again, these books may come in very handy or even just an interesting new member to your coffee table. Here is a quick glimpse into the books we have kicking about and the ones that will be back in no time. To kick the collection off we have... Todd Selby's 'The Selby Is In Your Place", a look into some of the world's most famous fashion designers, models, artists and all people involved in any of these creative fields amazing houses, appartments and even boats. Shot all over the world from Manhatten and Los Angeles to London, Mexico and even here in Australia. It's a great read and has some amazing photos. Next is Yvan Rodic of street fashion blog the Facehunter and his book called 'Facehunter'. Another guy with one of the best jobs in the world, attending every fashion week, party and even worldwide and taking photos of the people attending and anything that stands out to him on his travels. A great blog and book and worth taking a look for some great fashion and inspiration for your next outfit. Another cool one is the 'The Tote Bag' by Jitesh Patel. Which also comes with a free tote bag, but looks into the global trend of tote bags and some of the coolest by graphic designers, painters, print-makers and illustrators from all over the worlds. We also have 'The Polaroid Book' by Barbara Hitchcock, showing over 400 works from the polaroid collection, a bit of history into the polaroid camera and some technical sections showing the development of the camera from its first form to now modern takes of the iconic polaroid camera. 'The Sartorialist' by Scott Schuman is another fashion world favourite. Again one lucky man who started taking photos of people on the street at fashion events and whatever caught his eye and now one of the most famous and strongest in his field. A great book of images and captions from his travels and experiences in the fashion world. Last but not least is from the Boyd Collection and the book 'Modernist Paradise'. In this exceptional book, readers are invited to enjoy the experience of living with great modern design and to learn the basic tenets of the modernist aesthetic. Another great coffee table dweller and inspiration for your house. All books available at Pitbull Mansion, note just a few are out of stock at the present time but keep an eye out as they will all be in stock coming up to the festive season, and why not snag one before everybody starts wanting. Happy Reading Josh.

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