Everyone loves new shoes

Whatever your choice in footwear, brand new shoes are always a damn good feeling. all fresh, new and nice you can't beat it. At the moment here at the Mansion we have some beauties for the men and i thought i would show you some favourites that are new around the traps. I thought coming into summer i would show the newbies that are relevant to the weather we are all experiencing, if your wearing shorts, chinos or jeans all of these will look sweet and feel even better. First things first these shoes are fresh into Pitbull Mansion from the Jamie Fame lads. A leather dress shoe perfect for summer but yet great all year round. Named 'The Chopin Shoe' and available on sale for the rest of the day today so get in quick. It's made to be worn with black jeans cuffed up with no socks and you don't have to worry about wearing them out as they are super cool pre worn and scuffed giving it a cool worn look but still the great new shoe feeling. I needed to show another image of this one because it really is a sick shoe. Two others to show today are both from the boys at Vanishing Elephant. Always providing the goods with footwear and clothing in Australia and we have just got two new shoes from them that are perfect for all summer occasions. The 'Munchen Blue' shoe, a blue leather shoe casual enough for a festival or gig but yet dress for any occasion. It features a rubber sole so comfortable and non slippery as well as an elastic piece under the tongue of the shoe so laces are not essential but still included. A summer essential and also on sale for the rest of the day only. So go for it. Vanishing elephant also give us the 'Eisfeld Rust'. A more dressy shoe in look and style with the aged Brown Leather and brogue detailing but still with the rubber sole so perfect for going out. The rubber gives a more casual feel and means no clip clopping and slippery leather soles. These styles all available online and in store at Pitbull Mansion and on sale as part of our 30% off footwear sale for the rest of today (22/10/11) so be sure to have a look. Also there are plenty more styles from our mens footwear section from Vanishing Elephant, Jamie Fame, Chronicles of Never, Black Noise White Rain, Gram and Melissa. Cheers Josh.

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