Psychedelic Ksubi

The Ksubi Summer stock that has been coming in as we have slowly been approaching summer is just getting cooler and cooler. From the Cuckoo printed singlets and shorts, to the brand new ones we received this week. All have some mad digital printing or acid and dye washes involved, and are definately some favourites of mine at the moment.

Each print a little different but the same deal, psychedelic, splattered acid spill prints. Here are the three different styles we got this week, be sure to check them all out instore or online at Pitbull Mansion.

First up, my favourite of the bunch. The Psy Grudge Tee. I normally don't even wear that much colour but can definately make exceptions for this tee, it is damn cool.

Next is the I.C.U.2 Tee. Another sweet print with a centre image. Mixing two of Ksubi's strong traits, interesting graphics and crazy printed fabrics.

Last Is the I.C.U Muscle Tee. Same deal and again another sweet shirt.

They have had it down pat for years and will continue to do so. The Boys at Ksubi most definately know what's going on.

Cheers Josh.

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