Yes Please

So it's the first of December and if you have all started your advent calenders it is 24 sleeps till Christmas. I used to get so hyped on writing a Christmas list when i was young even I just got a few things it was definately a full page list that i had thought through in order. Haha so here are some of the items on the top of my Pitbull Mansion Christmas wishlist. Gift wise i want this so bad, the rest of the things are pretty much clothes but my god i like this candle. Never would i burn it just keep it my room looking so cool. From DL & CO is is the 'Large Skull Candle'. Next are the Dr Denim unisex Snap Jeans in Coffee. Great summer jean and i would very much love these for Christmas. Two new pairs of boardies would be awesome please these Stolen Girlfriends Club Angle Short and ... Ksubi Cotton Canvas Boardshorts. Both pairs are definately on the list, nothing better than fresh bordies at the start of summer. Definately wouldn't mind 'The Tommy Jacket' from Jamie Fame. A vintage feel denim jacket with a black print on the front and back lower section of the jacket. This list could go on forever of what i wish for from Pitbull Mansion but finally i wish most for each and every piece of jewellery from Stolen Girlfrfiends Club. All of it is so rad and one for each finger would be enough. This necklace also a standout favourite... The 'Picture Frame Pendant' from Stolen Girlfriends Club jewellery collection. Available instore and online from Pitbull Mansion. I hope you enjoyed my Christmas list and if you haven't already, a Christmas wish list from Pitbull Mansion is a must. As you will experience it is hard to pin point just a few thing to put on as the list goes on and on. Hope you all have a good weekend. Josh.

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