Guys and Girls, if your in need of something little that won't break the budget to accompany a Christmas present. Or simply something little to give someone. Take a look a the 'Icon' jewellery and accessory range here at Pitbull Mansion. All of it casual, cool and not over the top. It is easily mistaken for an expensive jewellery brand but will surprise you when you see the great low price points. These low prices are what makes it all fly out the door as soon as we get it in. Majority of the collection is unisex and has a vintage feel making it so easy to find yourself wanting each and every piece we have. Here are my favourites that i think would make something perfect to give a lad for Christmas. The Whisky Neat Ring. Only $29.95. The Steer Bracelet. $12.95 and such a cool little skull. The Crystal Method Necklace, $34.95. The Disintigrating Parachutist Necklace. Really cool triangle frames. $29.95. Down The Way bracelet. leather wrist band with the stud closure detailing. $16.95. Last of my picks for a Christmas gift, the Cash Money Necklace. 22.95 and you can't go wrong with a coin necklace. Check out the whole Icon range instore or online at Pitbull Mansion. They are a people pleaser and easy on the bank balance so it's a no brainer. Cheers Josh.

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