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Stolen Girlfriend’s Club held a mini-show (by their standards anyway) in their new work room space in Auckland last night. Their Summer 2012-13 collection ‘Me and Mrs. Bones’ retains classic Stolen Girlfriend’s Club elements. There’s a couple of skull prints (one bright, one parred back), the chunky, seventies-nineties hybrid shoes from Winter 2012 were worn by the models, and their ongoing obsession with both cowboys and rock ‘n roll is present. But overall the collection feels more refined and more mature than previous outings. The girl’s collection started with a simple, bondage-dress story in a continuation of the turquoise colour palette from Winter 2012. Burnt orange maxi dresses introduced a skeleton hand belt-clasp detail that was present across the collection and gave way to multi-colour and abstract monochromatic skull prints that emblazoned chiffon dresses and denim. Our favourite story was the nineties cowboy shtick; the brand combined a crude, tattoo-like embroidered print (think Stussy in 1995) with mini dresses and pants, that – with surprising attention to detail – created the line that mesh cut-outs on dresses to sat within. For the dudes there’s the classic SGC denim pieces and printed tees sure, but the brand have taken a more Scandinavian approach, lending their aesthetic to the likes of beige chinos that – when paired with a navy shirt with a star print of the same colour as the pant – creates a preppy suiting look. Words + Images - Always Something Anytime

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