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Many years ago I met a boy with a small apple tattooed to the inside of his arm, he had a nice smile and provided me with small moments of respite from perhaps the most mundane and soul destroying job I've ever had. The above are his photos, a collection called Displaced which he describes as follows;

Displaced presents the changing social and physical landscape of Melbourne's inner-city suburbs. These suburbs have been the home of artists, migrants, students and the working class for the better half of last century, but have been under the encroaching threat of gentrification since the 1970's. Through a series of portraits, still-lifes and landscapes Displaced introduces us to several young people living in the midst of Melbourne's gentrification today, welcoming us into a world that is rapidly disappearing.

This series turns our attention to more than the dying of old suburbs. Through a compelling blend of fine art and documentary we are confronted with Australia's attitude towards the poorer communities and the lives of everyday people. Produced in 2013, at the start of the 21st century - and as the physical landscape if the city changes before our eyes, these images capture what we often fail to notice; the beauty, the decay and the people - who are the first to be forgotten.

Displaced calls us to consider the Australian identity as that very identity denies part of its own make-up.

You can find more about him and his work at - what a wonderful collection little apple.

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