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I'm sure that I'm not the only child whose sporting coach yelled K.I.S.S. at them from the sidelines of their primary school oval. I'm not sure, however, if this acronym (keep it simple stupid) was reserved solely for those of us blessed with less minimal coordination or basic motor skills. Compounded into my brain since a young age, I've since applied this method to not only my sporting styles (which - it must be said - are still fairly minimal), but to fashion as well. Styling clothes from a wardrobe with a minimal palette is an easy way to achieve a classic aesthetic. Black and white outfits have a timeless simplicity that bold colours and bright prints - through their seasonal nature - struggle to achieve. Monochrome outfitting gives you license to mix textures and highlight selected parts of your outfit with a single burst of colour. So when your mother tells you that you look like you're attending your fourth funeral for the week, give her a high five - you've just achieved black and white colour perfection. Your year 5 Soccer Coach would be so proud of you. Click on the image above to shop in monochrome at the Mansion today.

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