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Dark Mofo, we're your biggest fans. There's nothing quite like this Bacchanalian festival of art, music and food. With four days left, these are our highlights so far. The bizarre Red Death Ball, where the elaborately gowned feasted from coffins and moved slowly through masked crowds, dancing to a man/woman/man belting out David Bowie classics. The nightly event of the Winter Feast, where uprooted trees hang from the ceiling of an old Wharf shed, and diners are entertained by random performance art pieces, and serenaded by a choir gently rotating on the Ferris Wheel of Death. Hobart is illuminated by beams of light that ricochet around the city skyline, and a giant inflatable rabbit stands as guardian of the waterfront precinct. Let's not forget the nude Solstice Swim, a genuine feat of bravery in a bitter Tasmanian winter, where the masses cleanse themselves in the Derwent River - you guessed it - nude, or Faux Mo - the after party to end all after parties - featuring transvestite singers, the loudest band on earth and a smorgasbord of the weird and the wonderful. There are art installations, musical performances, and everything in between. BYO glitter, this festival is about to get real.

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