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I can't help it - as summer rolls round, I cannot stop buying denim shorts... shorts which my boyfriend informs me, all look "exactly" the same. Ladies will stand by me when I say that there is a tremendous difference between the wash and fit of a good pair of denim cut offs and a bad pair. And yes we need multiple pairs! I cant go wearing my distressed (read, ancient dishevelled and threadbare) Levi cut offs unless I am specifically at a beach or it is over 40 degrees outside. Maybe I've gone a bit far - at last count I had 16 pairs.. in my defence they are the bread and butter of warm weather dressing, and these sweet spring days have been getting me pretty excited for the moment that I can go back to only wearing them. We've just received Spring deliveries from One Teaspoon, Rolla's, The People Vs, and MLM - all with shorties galore! So if you can't wait till Summer really hits, get in now! You can shop the latest from these designers in store or 24/7 with us online!

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